Online business loan -Take a closer look and Request a local business loan

Take a closer look and then Request a local business loan

A loan is also customary in the business customer area- read this. The most common loans for business customers are:

  • Investment loan (finance fixed assets)
  • Working capital loan (financing of current assets)
  • Goods financing (short-term cash loans)
  • Promissory notes
  • Acceptance credit
  • Structured credit (interest rates are limited)
  • Roll-over loan (interest rate adjusted to market during the term)
  • guarantee facility

What is in a consumer loan?

In a credit for consumers must be listed at least:

  1. Net loan amount
  2. Total amount of all installments
  3. How should the loan be repaid?
  4. Cost of the loan (interest, etc.)
  5. Effective interest rate
  6. Costs for insurance (residual debt insurance,…)
  7. collateral

What are borrowers / consumers and lenders?

The consumer is a natural person who does not pursue any professional or commercial activity when concluding a loan. The lender is a legal or natural person who carries out a business or professional activity in order to grant a loan.

Private customers loans

There are many different forms of home loans. Here is a small overview:

  • Mortgage lending (eg construction of real estate)
  • Loan (a form of cash advance )
  • Acquisition Loan (Purpose: to buy consumer goods)
  • Pre-financing (eg purchase of a company)
  • Interim financing (bullet loans for mortgage lending )
  • Guarantee (assumption of guarantees)
  • Securities lending

The borrower will, therefore, money or reasonable things (merchandise credit) on time. The term credit was derived from the French crédit and the Italian credito. Are you looking for a loan? You can get up to 100,000 euros of credit from the provider Crediter. The loan broker will send you many free quotes from which you can choose the appropriate low-interest rate deal.

Credit information received

Usually, loans are chargeable, so that the borrower in addition to the repayment of the loan or repayment of the loan item and interest must be paid. To grant a loan, the lender must trust the borrower. The credit rating (or often Private Credit ) must be correct. For loans, personal loans and bank loans are differentiated.

Personal Loans: Personal Loans provide a private person with a loan to a private individual or a company. For the private person to forego the liquidity and take a risk, they can demand interest as compensation.

Bank credit: In the case of bank loans, the bank grants a loan to companies or private individuals. It also requires loan interest for the waiver of liquidity and default risk. The higher the lending rates, the higher the default risk for the bank.

Loan 90000 Euros: estimate and requirements for personal loans and loans of 90 thousand euros

Everything you need to know about the € 90000 loan, starting from the requirements needed to access this amount. Moreover we will see the characteristics of the best personal loans and loans of 90 thousand euros, with the calculation of the online estimate to know the monthly repayment rate and the interest rates applied.

Loan 90000 euros: who can request it and what are the requirements

Loan 90000 euros: who can request it and what are the requirements

On this page we deal with personal loans of 90,000 euros. Such a large sum of money can be used for various purposes, probably the main one being to buy or renovate a house. It is not always easy to obtain a loan of such a high amount, and often the product that is offered to us by the banks is that of the mortgage loan, in which the main requirement that is required is to have a house owned by mortgages. In our site, however, we deal in particular with personal loans and loans, and therefore we will consider these two products also for an amount equal to € 9000o. The first very important aspect to consider when you want to access a loan of such a high amount is the requirements. It is easy to imagine how any bank or finance company is interested in offering such high loans in order to obtain interest earnings, but at the same time it is important for the company to avoid the risk of a missed repayment.

For this reason, to access a personal loan of 90,000 euros we will have to have the right requirements. From the point of view of the age of the applicant this can usually be up to 70 years. The threshold is slightly lower than for smaller personal loans as the duration of the loan will usually be higher. In the case of personal loans and loans, unlike what happens for the loan, the mortgage of a property is not required. In case you have the possibility, it could still be an excellent guarantee that would allow you to access the desired financing even in the absence of the requirements usually requested. From the point of view of the guarantees necessary to receive a personal loan of 90 thousand euros, as usual the main one is to have a continuous income.

Obviously the difference compared to the lowest amount of funding is the minimum monthly income that must be received. Clearly if we are considering the repayment installments they will be quite high, so our earnings will have to be adjusted. The income documents that we can present are therefore always the same. Employees must present the last paycheck, and will usually have no problem receiving the desired funding. As far as pensioners are concerned, the economic guarantee required is the last payslip of the pension, even if in this case, as we have said, the obstacle to be overcome is that of the personal requirements. Finally, as regards those without payroll, they can request an amount equal to 90000 euros for self-employed workers by submitting a tax return, even if quite high earnings are required. Those who do not have a continuous income can hardly receive a personal loan of 90 thousand euros. There are two possible solutions: one is the one we mentioned earlier, namely the mortgage on a property, while the second is the presentation of a guarantor who has all the requisites required by the bank or by the financial institution to which we are addressed.

Personal loans and loans of 90 thousand euros: the best products

Personal loans and loans of 90 thousand euros: the best products

After analyzing the requisites required for access to a personal loan of 90,000 euros we will analyze the economic characteristics of these products. Let’s see to whom we can turn to receive an amount so high at the best conditions. In the next paragraphs we will present the best products currently available in case you are looking for a personal loan or a 90 thousand euro loan. For each of the products considered we will see how to request a completely free quote so that you can immediately know the monthly repayment installment we are going to face and the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates.

When it comes to personal loans, the amount usually referred to reaches up to around € 30,000. Fortunately, there is a product that allows us to receive a sum of money equal to 90000 euros, without real guarantees. The product we’re talking about is the Crediter 1 Click loan, and it’s probably the best solution if you’re looking for a personal loan. The purposes that we can specify to be able to access the desired financing are many, just like for personal loans of lower amounts. The only difference is therefore in the economic guarantees to be presented, which must necessarily be more important if we want to receive such a large sum of money. The Crediter 1 Click loan is offered in collaboration with Findomestic, so the conditions are very similar to those of the personal loan offered by this company. We therefore see the repayment installment and the simulated interest rates through the calculation of the online quote, which we report in the table below.

48 months 2,235.40 euros 8.90 9.28
54 months 2,028.80 euros 8.90 9.29
60 months 1,863.90 euros 8.90 9.28
66 months 1,729.50 euros 8.90 9.28
72 months 1,617.90 euros 8.90 9.28
78 months € 1,523.80 8.90 9.28
84 months 1.443,50 euros 8.90 9.28
96 months 1,313.90 euros 8.90 9.28
108 months 1,214.10 euros 8.90 9.28

For the calculation of the online estimate we have considered a request for 90,000 euros for the purchase of a house. The duration goes from 48 months up to a maximum of 108 months, although as you can see from the monthly repayment installment the best choice is probably the one with the highest duration. As for the applied Tan and Taeg interest rates these will be practically always the same. However, it is worth noting that these are annual rates, so the cost of the loan will always be higher as the number of installments in which we choose to defer the repayment is increased. The solution that we recommend for a Crediter Click loan of 90,000 euros is therefore a duration of 108 months : in this case the monthly payment will be equal to 1,214.10 euros, while the interest rates applied will be a Tan 8.90% and a Taeg 9.28%.

OneLoan Home Loan: 90,000 euro loan to buy a house

OneLoan Home Loan: 90,000 euro loan to buy a house

Another loan that allows us to receive a sum of money equal to 90 thousand euros is offered to us by OneLoan. The difference compared to the product we have just analyzed is that in this case it is a finalized loan. The loan we are talking about is in fact the OneLoan Home Loan, which allows us to buy a house or land and receive an amount of up to 100,000 euros. Since this is a finalized loan, at the time of the request it is necessary to demonstrate the real desire to purchase the house or the land, through the documentation which specifies the amount needed for the expense to be faced. Regarding the guarantees required, in addition to their own income documents, it is possible to present guarantors in the event that our monthly earnings are not high enough to allow us to receive a loan of 90,000 euros.

The OneLoan Home Loan is a fixed-rate loan that is defined on the basis of the duration we choose and the guarantees presented. In particular, the duration ranges from a minimum of 36 months to a maximum of 120 months. Regarding the request for an estimate, an online simulator is not available in this case. In order to know the repayment rate and the interest rates applied we will therefore have to make an appointment at the branch to have a meeting with a bank consultant. Presenting all the guarantees that we are able to provide and specifying the characteristics of the 90 thousand euro loan we are looking for, we will present the best solution offered by OneLoan, with a detailed cost estimate.

Pyrobanking Personal Loan 90,000 euros: estimate with installment and interest rates

Pyrobanking Personal Loan 90,000 euros: estimate with installment and interest rates

The third product that we advise you to consider if you are looking for a personal loan of 90,000 euros is the one that takes the name of Peter Lottery Exclusive Loan, offered by Pyrobanking. This form of financing allows us to receive up to 300,000 euros. As noted on the bank’s website, it is a personal loan for customers between the ages of 18 and 80. From the point of view of the requisites required, in this case financial instruments and certificates of deposit must be presented. It is specified, however, that in order to access the desired financing it will not be necessary to disinvest one’s current investments.

Among the advantages of the Pyrobanking loan of 90,000 euros there is certainly flexibility from the point of view of duration. In fact, we will have the possibility to choose a repayment plan lasting 15 years, which allows us to set lighter terms compared to the products seen so far. From the point of view of interest rates, we can choose between a fixed rate and a variable rate loan of € 90000. To receive a quote useful to know the repayment rate and the applied rates we will have to go to the branch. Here we will be exposed to the advantages and risks of the fixed rate and the variable rate, which can allow us to save on the cost of our financing. According to our preferences we will therefore decide the best financing solution to receive the 90 thousand euros we need.

How to calculate the loan repayment plan?

How is the amortization schedule calculated when a loan is requested? But above all, what exactly is an amortization plan? Here we offer a definition and clear explanations on how to proceed with the calculation if you intend to apply for a loan.

What is the amortization plan? A repayment plan is also given and all the methods and times for repaying the loan, as well as the composition of the loan installments are specified.

How to deal with the repayment plan

How to deal with the repayment plan

Having in mind the amortization plan that is most suitable for what you can afford, is ideal even before making the loan request itself.

Before signing the loan request it is essential to have a clear picture of the situation, in particular you need to know by eye, even the amount of the maximum installment you want to pay.

The repayment plan contains all the information and timeframes that the bank requires for the purpose of disbursing the loan in the form of the amount you requested.

If you have tried to apply for a loan in the past you will know that fortunately the credit market offers many variations in its offer of amortization plans and this is good if you need to apply for a loan.

Now let’s get to the subject more in depth to allow you to understand how to calculate your amortization schedule.

Definition of the amortization schedule

Definition of the amortization schedule

When you ask for a loan soon your credit institution will present you with a proposal for a debt repayment plan that will bring up its extinction.

In general, the bank or the financial company is willing to negotiate with the customer on the ideal methods for him to return, so that problems of non-payment will never arise.

In the plan it goes to establish:

  • The duration of the plan
  • The percentage of interest
  • The amount of the individual installments

Each repayment installment will have included in itself a principal amount representing the money lent by the bank and then a share of interest or the amount of interest applied to the loan.

Starting from the amortization plan, the composition of the repayment installments can be changed. From the moment the contract is signed, you are obliged to respect the terms of the contract to return the loan.

Very often the loans are flexible and customizable as many institutions allow access to changes in the installment, consequently changing the duration of the loan.

The shorter a loan is the greater the installment to be paid at the end of the month. Longer repayment plans instead allow access to smaller installments.

Before agreeing the loan and the repayment plan with the bank it is wise to proceed with an assessment of your financial situation to understand what kind of installment you can afford.

Another important variable that affects the amount of an installment is the type of interest rate agreed with the bank. There are two types, fixed or variable.

The fixed rate gives the certainty that the interest to be paid does not vary for the duration of the contract, vice versa the variable rate may undergo changes during the course of the loan.

Types of amortization schedules

Types of amortization schedules

There are different types of amortization plans, in Italy in most cases French depreciation is used. It is a program to get rid of debt where in a first phase the installment is mainly composed of the share of interest, then it will leave space to the capital quota.

This means that in the final phase of the loan, the principal amount will represent most of the amount due. But it is good to remember that the amount to be repaid monthly will always remain the same. What changes is only the internal value of the quota.

We say that in principle this solution serves to guarantee the creditor that interest is returned first and after the principal amount that represents the liquidity disbursed.

There are other types of depreciation plans such as:

  • Floating rate plans: as already anticipated, these plans provide that the interest rate may rise or even fall. It can also vary only the amount of interest due, while the principal remains based on the original rate.
  • Plan in increasing or decreasing installments: in this case one chooses whether to have installments that rise or fall over time.
  • Free plan: while the interest remains fixed, the principal can be returned freely, but always within a certain deadline.

To find the most ideal solution to your needs, it will be good to ask your credit institution for advice.

Mortgage Simulation: How to Simulate the Installment Loan Payment

Who has not been at least once in their life, out of curiosity or necessity, in front of the fateful question on how much it would cost to buy a house thanks to a mortgage and which bank would give me money at a lower rate ? And as if by magic, we found ourselves doing the mortgage simulation not knowing where to start in our evaluations.

Unlike what you can at first think, doing it is very quick and easy and anyone can do it through a few simple steps. It is only necessary to have very little information required by the calculation engine in order to find the solution that best suits your needs and summarize it in a few results. This will certainly facilitate our decision. There are many doubts, but why not try?

The procedure starts with a few data. First of all, we need to fill in the field of motivation that can be purchased first or second home, renovation of the property, completion of the housing unit and possibly liquidity. Subsequently, it is necessary to choose the duration that can vary from a minimum of five to a maximum of fifty years.

Now our choice falls on the interest rate. It is an indispensable decision-making moment. This must be assessed from the perspective of the degree of future risk. Obviously if you will be inclined towards a fixed rate, you will be protected from any fluctuations in rates on the market but it will certainly be less convenient if favorable rates are in effect, hence “very low”. In this case, in fact, the variable rate would be preferred. In addition to the fixed and the variable, you can also choose the mixed rate, or the variable with CAP or the one with a constant rate.

As a basis on which to perform the calculation is required to indicate the value of the property and the required capital. Do not forget that several banks finance up to a maximum of eighty percent of the value of the property quantified in the expert’s report in the preliminary phase. Finally, you must fill in your personal details such as job position, residence and date of birth and the presence or absence of a guarantor.

Mortgage Simulation

You can enter all this information in less than a minute. Then click the confirm button, our simulator will make a complete and accurate estimate. On the screen you will appear in fact the main data relating to the best loans offered by Italian banks and the market at this time. With maximum transparency, you can compare prices and conditions, opt for the most favorable option and even proceed to the feasibility request to the desired bank completely free of charge.

Our calculation engine can help you not only in the early stages of buying the house, but also later. If you want to renegotiate your mortgage, using the most advantageous conditions on the market, you can do it. A specific section is provided for the simulation of an estimate for mortgage replacement. The compilation is always simple and fast. Just enter the same fields seen previously, with only one new feature. This time, in the news section, select the subrogation option and the substitution and liquidity option. So what are you waiting for? Start your simulation now.

Installment mortgage: what happens if you delay in payment?

Failure to pay off the mortgage payment, or delay payment is an eventuality that can happen to anyone: a financial setback or temporary economic difficulties can in fact lead to the failure or delayed payment of one or more installments of the loan. When this happens, naturally the consequences and penalties of the contract holder take over, unfortunately sometimes quite serious.

What happens in case of late payment?

What happens in case of late payment?

As mentioned at the beginning, the reasons that can lead to a delay in the payment of the loan date can be multiple. If the problem is economic, that is, when the installment due date does not have sufficient coverage in the account to be able to process the payment, you must notify your bank as soon as possible. If it is an online bank, you will need to contact the customer service department, otherwise you will need to go directly to your bank’s counter. The latter will then pay the default interest, but avoiding reporting to the etec, an IT archive containing data on the loans requested and provided to individuals and businesses.

To calculate these interests, it is sufficient to apply this standard formula : Default interest = days of delay x rate x default rate / 36500. Usually there is an increase of between 1% and 4% of interest for unpaid installments and percentage is applied according to the amortization plan, to the fact that the installments are constant, decreasing or increasing, monthly or half-yearly.

Currently, for example, the 2016 interest rate on overdue mortgage installments is around 8%. To this must be added the costs of the default of the borrower, that is, insolvency fees, reminder letter about 5 euros and debt recovery costs.

According to current legislation, if the economic difficulties are due to the loss of work or other nature, you can request the suspension of the loan, a renegotiation of the repayment plan or a subrogation.

How long is the alert to the etec?

Failure to pay the mortgage payment, in addition to the application of default interest, may lead, as anticipated other serious consequences.

You are considered delinquent if you fall into one of these three cases:

  • failure to pay one or more installments of the loan;
  • payment delay of more than 180 days from the original expiry of the installment;
  • delayed payment of at least 7 installments between the 30th and the 180th day.

In the aforesaid cases, the bank may proceed with the termination of the contract and, subsequently, to the attachment of any property placed as collateral for the loan or the enforcement of any surety provided by the guarantor, as well as reporting to the end-to-end knowledge company, usually the etec. However, the customer has the right to be notified by the bank if any of these procedures is initiated.

Finally, if the delay is due to a technical problem, it is not the bank’s responsibility, but the borrower, who will be responsible for checking the payment of the installment every month and, in case of technical hitches, report them to the institute.

Non-payment of 18 installments of the loan: the changes in the bank decree

On May 4, Decree No. 59/2016 came into force, in which there are some measures that, as defined by the Minister of the Economy, Pier Carlos Paroay, “will allow to drastically reduce the times for the recovery of credits”. These include the rules that make real estate foreclosure easier after 18 unpaid installments.

Until now, in fact, the bank had to pass for the judge, in the event that the client turned out to be in default. The main novelty concerns the possibility for the lender bank, after 18 installments not paid by the customer, to proceed directly to the sale of the property, bypassing the procedure of forced execution, or the auction, which can last up to seven years.

This option is only possible if the client, assisted by a consultant, has voluntarily and expressly provided for the insertion of this clause in the loan agreement. Clearly, the credit institution can not oblige the citizen to sign it. This clause can only be established for future contracts and not even in the case of the renegotiation of contracts stipulated prior to the end of 60 days from the entry into force of the provisions implementing the decree in question.

Finally, it must be emphasized that the bank can only withhold the amount due, after the sale of the house, and is obliged to return any excess to the consumer. The payable to the bank will in any case be extinguished even if the value of the property, appropriately defined by an independent expert, is lower than the residual mortgage.

In the decree, rules have been inserted that provide for the informative and correctness obligations of the informant, even if the Bank of Italy, in the implementing provisions, has particular regard to cases of possible need or weakness of the consumer.

A proven installment loan via the Internet

BiBank is a proven installment loan granted online. The company has been operating on the Polish market since 2012. Its roots reach for the cold Scandinavia. BiBank has already found an established position in our country. The BiBank loan company has a perfectly balanced offer. It combines the advantages of banking services with features for which we value high-speed online loans. A credible assessment of creditworthiness will ensure that you do not take out loans beyond your abilities, and the whole process will take only a few seconds without unnecessary formalities.

BiBank offer

BiBank offers quick installment loans via the Internet. The range of amounts you can apply for is considerable, so the loan will allow you to finance both smaller and larger expenses. You can take a loan from 1000 PLN to even 10,000 PLN. It is worth noting that the maximum amount is available at the very beginning. You do not have to be a regular customer to afford it. It all depends on an individual assessment of creditworthiness. The minimum number of installments available is 6, and the longest repayment period is 24 months.

Who can take advantage of the BiBank online loan?

Who can take advantage of the BiBank online loan?

Convenient non-bank loans on BiBank installments are offered to customers between the ages of 20 and 80. This is good news especially for young people and seniors, they have the biggest problems with getting a bank loan. To get a loan in BiBank, you can not be listed in the BIK debtor register. Another condition to meet is a permanent residence address in Poland and documented fixed income. Please note, however, that they do not have to arise from the employment relationship. Online loans in installments are also allocated to pensioners.

The entire credit rating process runs automatically in real time. It often takes only a few seconds. It is transparent and completely safe. You will quickly get money to finance the sudden expense, bypassing cumbersome papery.

How does the non-bank loan process take place in installments?

How does the non-bank loan process take place in installments?

The procedure for applying for a non-bank installment loan in BiBank is just five steps:

● Step 1 – selection of the amount and repayment period,

● Step 2 – provide data for a short loan application (the alternative is verification with the help of a Facebook account, which is associated with a bonus in the form of a discount of PLN 10),

● Step 3 – waiting for a decision,

● Step 4 – familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract, which will first be delivered to the e-mail and then to the mailing address by courier,

● Step 5 – sign the contract and return it to the courier.

The money is transferred to the customer’s account after positive verification and confirmation of signing the contract. They should be available the next business day. There is also the option of using the Giro check or choosing an instant BlueCash transfer. BiBank tries to adapt to the requirements of the modern client.

The refund procedure is carried out in accordance with a clear repayment schedule. You will not be charged with any additional costs, and all entries in the contract are public.

What are the benefits of an installment loan via the Internet?

The limit of PLN 10,000 gives you the chance to patch a fairly large hole in your home budget. Thanks to spreading payments into installments, you do not have to worry about losing liquidity. In addition, BiBank offers a very comfortable repayment period. The spreading of installments over two years will make you feel that you will not be refunded as much as in the case of one-off repayment. It is worth considering a larger number of installments in the case of large amounts.

BiBank Kredyt is an installment loan via the Internet, which gives you the chance to get money without leaving your home. Transferring procedures to the online sphere also reduces the time needed to assess the customer’s creditworthiness.

The quick installment loan online at BiBank is a secure commitment. You get it after verifying your financial possibilities, so you minimize the risk of taking out a loan that you simply can not afford. In addition, the company cares about the security of your data, encrypting it using the HTTPS protocol.

BiBank is a quick installment loan via the Internet, which customers appreciate

BiBank is a quick installment loan via the Internet, which customers appreciate

Since 2012, BiBank has earned the reputation of a credible lender. Confirmation of these words can be found in the pages of the largest portals comparing non-bank loans. 

Satisfied customers are the company’s best showcase. On the aforementioned websites, the ratings awarded by borrowers are a clear signal that BiBank is a proven solution.

Delay Payment Installment Loan 5 Things to Know!

Payment installment payment delay: can I get another loan?

Delay payment installment financing ? We have summarized the 5 important things to know in these cases. Below you will find ideas about the consequences and which solutions to take to get new liquidity, a new sum of money.

Often getting money, faced with the failure or late payment of a loan installment, is not easy. With Financemm it is possible, let’s find out how!

For a free consultation, contact us now! Fill in the form on our website (no report in the databases).

If you have a question, write a comment at the bottom of this page. We will reply immediately!

Payment installment payment delay: here are the 2 main consequences

Payment installment payment delay: here are the 2 main consequences

You asked yourself ” if I pay a late payment what happens “? Let’s see immediately what happens in the case of non-payment of one or more installments of a loan or mortgage. The main repercussions:

  • the financial or bank can demand payment of interest for late payment
  • a late payment of an installment or newsletter of a loan or credit card is subject to a report in the database (such as you can be reported for late installment paid CRIF or Experian).

Interest delayed payment installment financing

Each loan agreement, mortgage or funding must provide for the default interest rate applied in case of non-payment. This rate may vary from company to company, but in all cases it must fall within the threshold rates communicated quarterly by the Bank of Italy.

Each credit institution scrupulously adheres to these conditions, but if the customer is not sure of the effective compliance with the law, the advice is to rely on a consumer association. The latter will calculate if the rates applied fall within the thresholds in force.

Installment paid in Crif Delay and Reporting in the database

This is a delicate aspect. When the payment of an installment is not carried out at the agreed-upon maturity date, the bank (or financial institution ) automatically reports the anomaly to the various contracted databases. What are? They are private companies that manage all information related to a loan; essentially a large database that stores all the activities related to loans, mortgages, credit cards managed by a customer.

When there are negative data, therefore payment delays, the customer will have many difficulties in obtaining more credit. The bank or financial company that you rely on, in the light of the evidence in the database, often proceeds to deny the new loan application.

We will see below what solutions exist in these cases.

Payment installment payment delay: can I get another loan?

One of our customers contacted us by writing to us:

hi all, I wanted to ask you what happens in case of late payment installment financing compass. I have a car loan with them about a year ago. I paid badly due to the bank’s fault and now I struggle to get more money. do you think I can do something? Could it be that I can not do anything for a loan installment paid late ?

This is a case like many, like for example Michele who asked us the same question but specific for another credit institution. In fact, Michele had paid late the installment of an Agos loan.

Is it possible to obtain a new loan in the presence of errors in the database? The answer is yes, but on the condition that the applicant is an employee, hired indefinitely, or a pensioner. For other types of income earners (self-employed, collaborators, temporary employees, etc.) to date there are no real solutions.

What we advise you to be wary of who will ask you for money (in any form) in exchange for the provision of the service offered, or the provision of the loan.

Below we show you how you can get a loan.

Late payment installment loan: the solutions to access the credit

Late payment installment loan: the solutions to access the credit

As we have already seen, a report in the database limits the possibility of obtaining financing, new liquidity. There are dedicated loans, which we list below:

  • employee loans
  • delegation of payment
  • payroll loan

The first loan, assignment of the fifth, is a loan to employees, hired for an indefinite period, and retirees. As for the payment proxy, on the other hand, the applicant must be an employee of a private, public or state company.

Finally, the loan is paid in a pay check or a loan that has been changed ; the latter is aimed at employees of private companies only, therefore employees of:

  • individual companies
  • sas
  • cooperatives
  • Ltd.
  • spa

For this type of loan the number of employees is not important (only one employee is sufficient); a minimum of 24 months is required.

We have dealt with this type of financing on another page; for more details you can also visit this page bad loans payers.

Why rely on Financemm?

Delay payment installment financing ? Why choose Financemm? The main reasons are 3 :

  • By submitting your request you will not be notified to any database (such as Crif), so if our solution does not meet your expectations, you will be free to rely on another institution without any penalties
  • zero costs. Our service is absolutely free, no upfront costs, no additional costs to what is already provided on the loan agreement
  • we are a credit brokerage company. The credit broker plays the role of loan brokers and mortgages, so it connects the client with one of the partner banks. This way you will get the best loan on the market, without the commitment of having to compare dozens of financial institutions.