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Steve Holland's Contra Dance Page

Steve Holland is a modern Contra Dance caller.  Steve calls dances for all levels from the novice to the expert with dances ranging from traditional reels, southern style squares to the most current contra dances.  Steve calls one or two experienced dances each year that are a big hit!!  The "master of the medley" has a reputation of calling medleys that change each time through the dance.  The current record is 30 separate dances in a medley.  You will not want to miss the next experienced dance where Steve will break his record -- set at the last experienced dance!!


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Experience his unique style at the following venues:Arrow Down

1/2/16 Branford, CT Light Reaction
4/2/16 Branford, CT Dogtown
5/14/16 Hartford Community Dance Donal Sheets & Kelsey Wells
7/30/16 Branford, CT Experienced Dance Fiddleheads
8/27/16 Mystic, CT Craig Edwards And Friends
11/12/16 Hartford Community Dance Pitnacree

Steve's 2015 Schedule

Email Steve at Steve Holland if you have any questions or would like further information.


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